4 Day in the Land of Erik the Red, South Greenland

Experience amazing South Greenland on this 4-day getaway from Iceland.

Day 1:  Flight Keflavik  Iceland to Narsarsuaq
            Transfer to accommodation at Hotel Narsarsuaq where you stay for all 3 nights.

In the afternoon guided boat trip to the Qooroq Ice Fjord
Day 2:  Guided Boat trip to historic site and open air museum Qassiarsuk/Brattahlid
Day 3:  Guided Boat trip & easy hike (6km) to one of the most beautiful
             villages of Greenland, Igaliku / Gardar
Day 4:  Free Morning in Narsarsuaq, afternoon flight Narsarsuaq to Keflavik, Iceland


  • Flights Keflavik- Narsarsuaq - Keflavik with airport taxes 

  • Airport and boat transfers in Greenland as per itinerary 

  • 3 nights Accommodation 3* Hotel / Narsarsuaq, standard rooms with private facilities, incl. breakfast on arrival/ departure 

  • Transfers between hotel / airport / Narsarsuaq 

  • Return boat transfers Narsarsuaq – Qassiarsuk & Narsarsuaq – Igaliku /Gardar 

  • Guided boat trip to Qooroq Icefjord

Travel Dates:

June-August 2022

South Greenland is famous for its rich Norse history, green farmland and blue icebergs, which all can be easily reached from the airport in Narsarsuaq. Explore one of the most beautiful settlements of Greenland. Get inspired at the historic site of Brattahlid, the place where the Viking Eric the Red settled and discover why he named it Greenland! On the last day, we take you on an unforgettable boat ride into the Qooroq Ice Fjord, where 200,000 tons of ice calves from the glacier front every day.