Bike Tour around the Casablanca Valley

Discover the treasures Chile holds in store, with the perfect balance between biking and wine tasting.

Cultural Immersion in the Atacama Desert

Getting in touch with the Atacama culture or Licken Antay will allow you to insert yourself into the daily activity of the community and to know a life system in which elements of a millenary Andean culture are still present. This, in the refulgent beauty of the driest desert in the world. We want to share with you this extraordinary experience, travel with us!

Glamping Experience at Torres del Paine Park

Go trekking in the jaw-dropping landscapes of the Torres del Paine National Park


· Visit Chile´s capital, Santiago, resting at the feet of the Andes.

· Learn about the German influence in the lakes´ district of Chile.

· Admire the forests, lakes, mountains, and glaciers in the south of Chile.

· Go trekking or horseback riding in the jaw-dropping landscapes of the Torres del Paines National Park.

· Explore the singular landscapes surrounding the Atacama Desert and the ancient cultures of the region.

· Enjoy gazing at the stars twinkling across in the driest desert of the world.

South American Splendour

  • Visit Chile´s capital, Santiago, resting at the      feet of the Andes.

  • Discover the vibrant, passionate and cosmopolitan      city of Buenos Aires.

  • Admire the impressive Iguazu waterfalls, one of the      New 7 Natural Wonders of the World, roaring in the middle of the rainforest.

Visit the “Marvelous City” of Rio de Janeiro, born next to the bay, showing the perfect combination of the sea, the land, the weather and its people

The Aysen Region: Hot springs, Fjords and Forests

  • Discover  a place where life flows in harmony with nature and the senses are lost in its landscapes.

  • Get to know this natural destination by essence, since half of its territory belongs to Protected Wildlife Areas.