Arctic Coast Way Self Drive

The Arctic Coast Way was officially opened on June 8th 2019 and offers the chance of going off the beaten path and discovering some of the most remote places in north Iceland. This is a unique adventure following 900 KM (559 Mi) of coastal roads close to the Arctic Circle!

Tour to the Arctic Circle – Grímsey Island

More than 40 km North of the mainland of Iceland lies Grímsey, the island of 5,3, green and grassy on the top, but on the sides largely fortified with perpendicular rocks. Grímsey Island is also the only point of Iceland crossed by the Arctic Circle.
An old legend tells that once upon a time the island was only inhabited by trolls and giants, until a man called Grímur slew them. However, he took the daughter of one of them for a wife, and the islanders are said to be their descendants. Whether that be true or not, the seabirds are known for their hardiness as fishermen – which is undoubtedly a requirement on this isolated arctic island mentioned in many old sources. In the past, Grimsey was renowned as an inexhaustible source of eggs and birds, and for rich fishing banks around the island.